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Achievementstuck is a new MSPA fanventure by ShadowSolstice.

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Auuuuuugh I can't wait for it to start back up agaiiiin! I love the way you've captured the gang's speech styles, to the point where one can hear them speaking the lines no matter what. It really makes the comic so far.

Thank you! I planned on starting it up again this summer, but big surprise- I’m a huge procrastinater, after all.

I’m actually going to redo the panels, and work on making this blog’s theme better first. I’m sorry to have taken so long and letting everyone down.

has anyone woken up on Prospit or Derse yet?

Ah… not yet. It’s still on a hiatus. It hasn’t progressed past where it left off.

Although, it’s shown that Geoff had dreams of Prospit.

hey i just found achievementstuck and realized it hadn't updated since october... is it discontinued? it's really good so far and it'd be sad to see something like that stop

Not at all! I think I’ve set the status correctly, but it’s on Hiatus. I’ve got stuff going on, and I just can’t find the time to work on it, or find the motivation to.

I just wanted to say that your comic is really great! Makes me very happy and is totally amazing! x3 I can't wait to see where it goes.

Ahhh, thanks!

Yay for cliffhanger update!


you should continue because even though more are coming out yours was the one we all went to first and all love and want to see it continue and grow along with you and your readers

I’m sorry I’m just

I was just really upset and I’ve got like little self confidence and stuff

Don’t you all worry, I’ll do my best to keep going on

I’m getting less and less motivated to continue Achievementstuck and it’s going to dissappear anyway with all these others coming out and whatnot why waste time

What do you use to draw?

A Wacom Intuos5 small; I work the with the pen.

I make Achievementstuck with Paint Tools SAI, and I do normal art through Photoshop CS5. 

Traditional art is done with just a .5 mechanical pencil and any paper I find. uvu

How often do you update Achievementstuck? ouo

((I update when the mood comes to me, really. uvu))

Welcome RYAN HAYWOOD to the blog!

Welcome RYAN HAYWOOD to the blog!